Hamley Bridge History 2

Hamley Bridge History

           Welcome to Hamley Bridge History 2       


On Hamley Bridge History 2,  I will post articles that I have found in various Gazettes, newspapers etc.  These will be  about various streets, clubs, buildings, events etc that happened around the town.  Plus blog some stories I have been asked about. 


This is the second Hamley Bridge History website, the first one can be found here  http://users.chariot.net.au/~neverome/index_hamley_bridge.htm

Also, there are snippets of stories and events for Hamley Bridge (which mainly deal with the day to day happenings) on my Facebook Page  


This Facebook page is interactive, so you can post questions, answers, photos on anything Hamley Bridge related.


I apologise for those who are members of this site, I have not been able to communicate with you.  I am trying to sort it out.  I haven't forgot you! 

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