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Gary Pardoe
55 years old
About Me

Lived in Hamley for 7 years.Would love to move back there one day.

About Me

Born in Hamley Bridge and went to the Catholic and State schools in Hamley Bridge, then Riverton High School. Shifted away from Hamley Bridge in about 1975, but retained very close contact with the community through my parents and sister and brother-in-law until about three years ago.

My friend Trev (with some support from me) has done a lot of research about the burials in the Pinkerton Plains Catholic cemetary. He has mapped many of the gaves and has photos of the headstones of those graves.

There is some wonderful history of HB which was compiled by Mr Bonsack (owner of one of three grocery stores in HB) for the Hamley Bridge Centenary. I think that I have a copy somewhere, but....who knows where. Will keep my eyes open for it.

Happy to help in whatever way I can. 

Helen Bowen

Ivan Bell
72 years old
About Me

Born in Hamley Bridge Hospital in 1946.


Went to Hamley Bridge Primary school upto grade 3. Moved to Loxton at beginning of 1955, finished schooling there. Joined S.A Police force in 1963. Left 1969 to join the Royal Papua New Guinea Constrabulary. Married 1972. Two children born on Bougainville. Returned to Bundaberg Queensland 1976. Worked for Commonwealth Bank for 16 years. Then worked for Social Security/Centrelink until retirement in 2007. Currently live in Jindalee, which is in the western suburbs of Brisbane

43 years old
About Me

My husband and I have been looking for an old house on land for the last 2 1/2 years and we have just finally purchased a picturesque property at Alma. We are really looking forward to finding out the history of not only our property but also the surrounding towns.


Lorraine Cocker
About Me

Living at Coromandel Valley South Australia

Marlene Durdin
64 years old

Max and Sue
64 years old

71 years old
About Me

Great great grandson of Paddy and Catherine Jordan who farmed at Pinkerton Plains from 1857 until their deaths in the 1890's.

I'm retired, married, three sons and six grandchildren. Undertaking family history research.

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angela pardoe
52 years old
About Me

donald khan
58 years old

41 years old