Hamley Bridge History 2

Hamley Bridge History

Football in Hamley Bridge & Duffield Town

The Register - Wednesday 11 April 1923 

HAMLEY BRIDGE, April 10--On Monday night the Rover Football Club held a meeting in the Druids' Hall to form two teams to play in the Gilbert Association -- the new team to take the place of Stockport, who have withdrawn on account of insufficient members. There was a large attendance. After discussion it was decided to form another team — the new team to be named Pinkerton Plains Football Club. A grant of £6 was granted to the new club by the Rovers Club. Mr. C. Wight, the assistant secretary of the Rovers, resigned from that position to help the new club. 


May 4, 1927 

HAMLEY BRIDGE, May At a combined meeting of the Hamley Bridge and Duffield Football Clubs on Monday, it was decided to amalgamate and form A and B grade teams under one management - the A team to play in the Gawler Association, and the B team, in the Gilbert Association. Officers elected: — A Team —President, Mr. W. K. Elliott;  Patron, Rev. Father  R. P.  Denny; Vice-President, Mr. B. Oakey; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. H. N. Ellis; General Committee, Messrs. J. Stott, W. Yon, F. Hart, W. Simpson, G. Browne, H. Wenzel, and C. Hammond ; Auditors, L. Dyer and J. Mohr;  Delegates to Association, Messrs. G. A. Browne and W. Elliott; Proxy Delegates, Messrs. L. Dyer and B. Oakey; Goal Umpires, J. Brooks, J. Modystack, and E. Lampshire; Timekeepers, H. Arbon, T. Chaplin, and  B. Oakey; Football Steward, Mr. H. Arbon; Scoring Board Supervisor, George Ellis; Head Trainer, Mr. J. Stott; Selection Committee, Messrs. W. Simpson, J. Stott, F. Hart, N. Head and H. Ellis; Captain, H. N. Ellis; Vice-captain, N. B. Head; Boundary Umpires, Messrs. J Coombs and V. Reneberg.  The first association match will be played on Saturday, May 14.